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Common mistakes to avoid when creating an e-commerce solution for your website

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E-commerce continues its massive growth and your business must have a high-performance platform to attract online customers and help them to buy from you.

Consumer behavior has well and truly changed – people no longer distrust online financial transactions like they once did. Current estimates predict online retail to surpass $24 billion in 2018. Getting online to buy something has becoming second nature. The imminent arrival of online shopping behemoth Amazon, for example, will further entrench online shopping as a reflex habit.

Choosing a poorly designed e-commerce platform

With so many different software companies offering e-commerce solutions the quality has risen along with customer service and support for clients.

Before selecting an e-commerce platform do your research. If you don’t have time nor the interest then outsource this line of business to experts. The minor expense involved in employing a third party to look after your e-commerce solutions will pay itself over many times with increased traffic and happy customers who enjoy using your site.

Not considering the customer’s perspective when designing your ecommerce platform

There are many factors that go into creating a good online shopping experience for your customer. We are all time poor and have reduced tolerance for slow-performing sites.

Here a few basic factors that must, as a minimum, be addressed:

  •  Is your site responsive? If you designed your website years ago chances are it hasn’t been upgraded to consider the mobile device user. More than 60% of online purchase are completed using smartphones.
  • Are you slowing up your customers’ progression to your checkout by interrupting them with irrelevant pop-ups?
  • Do you offer easy and comprehensive payment options? Are you offering After-pay? This option is vital for attracting sales in some market segments.
  • Do you want to expand into overseas markets? Does your platform allow for easy language and currency conversion.
  • Do you have an easy shipping rate calculator?

We Are Web can help you work through these issues and design your website for optimum sales performance.

Neglecting to consider ongoing business data needs

Many businesses neglect to consider their ongoing business needs and don’t have easy access to their business data.    

An e-commerce platform should help simplify business workflows for you.  You will be using this system frequently so make sure to choose a platform that has a simple dashboard so that you can find information easily.   

Check that your platform allows you to easily monitor your e-commerce store traffic and trends with Google analytics.

Not understanding the full price structure of your e-commerce platform

Consider pricing structures and know exactly what you’re getting.  Some platforms charge fixed monthly fees, some use a quota system meaning they take a percentage of your transactions.  Read the fine print carefully to compare the different approaches.  

Considering all of the above factors will get you on your way to delivering a fantastic user experience for your customers.

Contact We Are Web today

The team at We Are Web can help do an audit of your site and ensure that your customers are having the best online shopping experience – call us today on (03) 86091078.

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