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How xero integration is a must for every online store business

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There are many demands on your time as a business owner.  You have competing priorities and lots of compliance deadlines clamouring for your attention.   

You’d rather be working in your business but administrative obligations find you spending more and more time working on your business.   

Accounts payable and receivable, human resources, payroll – these are all aspects of your business that require your ongoing attention so that you know exactly what’s happening in your business. 

The evolution of cloud computing technology means that there is now a simpler way to unite your various software systems and allow them to interact.  This leads to greater efficiencies and better use of your time.   

Xero overview

Xero is an online accounting software designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses.  

It is a cloud-based accounting software meaning you can access real-time data of your business from anywhere and from any device.   

Xero is used to manage the invoicing, banking and book-keeping functions of your business.  It is secure and you can choose to share it with the people who help your business:  your accountant or your support staff for example.  

 If you are already using Xero then integration with your online store is a must.  It will help your business by streamlining processes and presenting all of your e-commerce and accounting activity in one place.   

How Xero intergration enhances your online store

Your business has grown but your time is becoming more and more scarce.  Integrating Xero with your e-commerce platform saves your precious time which in turn saves you money.    

Xero integrates with your online store and offers the following advantages: 

It allows you to pull data from various sources to create a meaningful, real-life appraisal of your business activity:  sales tax, inventory flow, shipping information and shopping cart activity, for example. 

It provides real-life accounting information 

Reduce your various interfaces to one simple dashboard:  integration with inventory and sales systems means all of your information can be easily accessed from one dashboard.  You can generate one report instead of having to access each of your different systems when searching for data.   

How Xero integration can simplify your online business operations

Your business has grown over time and you now have multiple systems to track the different business activities you undertake:  accounting, inventory management, shipping, tracking etc. 

Are you spending too much time accessing different systems to make extract this information? Are you doing mad scrambles looking for data every time tax and accounting compliance deadlines come around? 

Preparing your business for Xero integration

To prepare your business for integrating Xero with your online store consider the size of your company and your current and future needs.  Will you be expanding into overseas markets?  

What data sharing capability do you want?  What kind of reports do you use every day and what is your accountant likely to expect from you? 

We Are Web can help you with Xero integration for your online business.  We can help you clarify and simplify your business reporting needs to create one succinct and easy-to-use interface.   

Call for Consultation

To find out more about why Xero integration is a must for your online store business contact us today. Call the team at We Are Web today on (03) 86091078.

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