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Web Copywriting for Business

Content is King

Do you need to outsource your requirement for quality content? At We Are Web, we have a team of copywriters who specialise in producing landing page copy, blog content and more. We understand that your customers do not want to trawl through walls of text, in fact most people just skim over the details and take note of the headings and other calls-to-action as they click-through. We write content that is easy to read and is structured to optimise your chances of securing better quality leads and conversions.

Rather than scare off visitors with jargon, our web copywriting team ensures that the content is accessible for a wider audience. Even though there are industry terms for things, it does not always mean that your audience is familiar with the lingo. We can review existing content and provide copyedits or we can approach a task from a fresh perspective with your project recommendations.

SEO Copywriting

Can your customers find your website via a simple Google search? Ideally, you want your business to rank at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for your products, services and other relevant keywords. At We Are Web, our SEO copywriters can optimise landing page content, map keywords and provide recommendations on how to improve your search engine optimisation campaigns through effective inbound marketing techniques.

Site Review

Our content specialists audit your live site. If you do not have an active online presence we focus on market and competitor research to identify the talking points, the keyword strings that are relevant to your industry.
Keyword Research

After our team has scoped out your project in detail, we perform keyword research to shortlist the best variations to be used for your copy. To ensure the best results, we liaise with our dedicated SEO team and other digital strategy analysts for a comprehensive plan.

Implement On-Page SEO

As soon as we have your set of keywords approved our copywriters get to work on producing SEO-friendly content.

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