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Custom Web Application Development in Melbourne

Take your digital strategy to the next level by investing in web-based apps that streamline internal work processes and improve the customer experience.

Is there more that your website can do in to be an effective sales and marketing tool for your business? Do customers share feedback about the user-friendliness of your eCommerce store or comment on the lack of a particular feature that could make or break sale? Ideally, you want the user experience to be as pleasant and engaging as possible. If you are not providing what your customers need, they will move on to the next big thing. For the sake of customer retention, and to grow your brand, you should mindful of ways to innovate in the digital space.

At We Are Web, we specialise in custom web application development in Melbourne. Whether you have ideas on how to move forward with a new integration or require professional expertise to find the best solution for you, we are here to transform your business.

Our Process

Development and design

There are so many ways to incorporate a custom web application into your digital strategy. In consultation with our team, we can walk you through our development lifecycle process and scope out your project needs in detail.

CRM integration

All web apps can be tailored for CRM integration. For more information about integrations, get in touch.

Technical Support

We perform extensive testing throughout the development phase but we also monitor the performance and functionality of our custom web apps. We also provide IT helpdesk support post-launch.

Proprietary Development

Do you want to rise above your competition in the digital space with a premium digital strategy? Just about anything is possible when you work with proprietary development. Say goodbye to bugs, untimely updates, annoying plugins and other quirks associated with open source tech, you are in for a treat when you invest in software that is already finetuned for you. All you need to focus on is content and your core business—proprietary CMS solutions are optimised and ready to go.

When you rely on proprietary CMS solutions, however, there is usually significant costings in terms of ongoing maintenance, custom designs and there may be limitations in what you can do with particular content management systems, which is why you should always do your research or consult with the experts at We Are Web.

Custom Web Developers at your Service

To learn more about custom web application development in Melbourne and how we can assist, contact us. We Are Web is a digital agency dedicated to producing premium websites and so much more.

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