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Top Web Designs in 2017

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Digital strategies are constantly in a state of flux because new technologies frequently enter the scene and encourage tech-savvy web designers to mix it up. To stay ahead of the competition you have to take a chance and do a little A/B split testing to see what your customers respond to. Sometimes this means dabbling with quirky visual elements and styles that you may have never ever considered because you didn’t know that they were there in the first place.

In these situations, it is prudent to liaise with a digital agency like We Are Web to ensure that you are always on the cusp of leading-edge developments. We like to present stunning landing pages and entice users with smart calls-to-action. There is more to a successful call-to-action than perfecting the words. You need to ensure that your target audience are actually hanging around long enough on the page to see it.

Here are some top website designs and innovative trends that are of particular interest.

Cinemagraphs—Looping Videos

Video content, generally, is where it’s at in terms of modern web development. You can hook your readers with moving pictures rather than rely on slabs of text to keep the masses interested in your products and services.

You can use cinemagraphs as a background for your home page or other static pages. They are distracting and that is sort of the point. This is a neat trick for improving the average user visit time on a particular page. Give it a try.

A Minimalist Approach

Confused by noisy websites? Maybe it is time to scale everything back to the basics? Run with a sterile white background with links to pages and social media. This is a risky move but handled just right, it could be a work of art.

Striking Typography

Big, bold lettering can make an impression. Does your business have a catch phrase, a motto or a brief statement that encapsulates what you are all about? Make the words the hero of a landing page. Back it up with some solid web design and effective UI/UX.

Contact We Are Web

The team at We Are Web can help you settle on top website designs and other strategies that can position your business for more quality leads. Call today.

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