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Ready to Integrate your CRM with your website?

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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” is the foundational philosophy of the most successful businesses. Good customer relationships equate to a good bottom line. Investing time, money and energy into satisfying your customers pays off in the short and long term through the continuing benefits of having a good reputation.  

The advent of cloud-based technology has given businesses more opportunities than ever to develop meaningful interactions with their customers and to provide brilliant customer service.   

If you haven’t yet considered integrating a Customer Relationship Management system with your website ask yourself the following questions? 

Do you know who your customer’s are? Where they live? What their shopping habits are? Do you know what products they like or which brands they interact with on social media? When people interact with your business or brand do they feel understood?    

If you don’t have these insights you and your sales team are missing the opportunity to build successful relationships with your customers. 

A CRM that integrates with your website provides insights into your customers’ buying behaviour. Use this information to provide better product information to your customer – tailored product information that they actually care about.  

A CRM can show you when and where a potential customer first interacts with your brand – via your website, through direct marketing materials or via social media for example? Use these insights to get bigger bang for your marketing spend – if no-one’s reading your pamphlets or interacting with you on Twitter consider re-directing your marketing budget to create better quality content. Or focus your marketing spend on other social media channels.   

You can also use this knowledge to specifically appeal to your customer at each stage of the buyers’ journey. An effective marketing strategy considers the stage your prospective buyer is at and offers information or enticements that suit each stage. 

We are all time-poor and the competing demands for our time and attention means that our concentration spans are spread thin. We start to research a product then something else takes our attention. Advertisers and marketers know this which is why they continually offer then re-offer and re-offer their products again. A CRM will automate this process and do it for you.   

Integrating your CRM with your website gives you greater power and scope to create meaningful relationships with your customers. An integrated CRM automates these processes saving you time, and allowing you to interact with your customer in a meaningful way. Good customer service doesn’t end with the sale of the product. Remember that it is easier and cheaper to market to existing customers than it is to attract new ones. Use a CRM to maintain, and delight, your existing customers by offering promotions, discounts or rewards. Send them a Happy Birthday email or remind them that it’s been a year since they last had their teeth cleaned, for example. 

The evolution of business and marketing software has made automated Customer Relationship Management accessible to many smaller businesses. Software is now more affordable and competition amongst software developers has produced some really attractive systems. They are easy to use and on-going user support is readily available.  

We Are Web the CRM Specialists

We Are Web has helped many small businesses to integrate a CRM with their website. Call us now on (03) 86091078 so that you too can start reaping the rewards of better customer service.

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