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Not-For-Profit Web Design

Do you need a strong online presence to move your brand forwards? Impress sponsors and build a bigger community with a slick digital strategy that is tailored to accommodate your project needs. At We Are Web, we understand that successful non-profit organisation websites require a modern flourish in visual aesthetics as well as an agile, robust framework for optimal functionality.

Promote Yourself for Corporate Sponsorship

Not-for-profit web design should appeal to your target audience. Improve your chances of scoring lucrative corporate sponsors by positioning your brand effectively online. Make it easy for businesses to learn more about what you offer. This entails everything from perfecting your calls-to-action to ensuring fast page load speeds.

Digital Hub for Volunteers, Contributors and Others

Non-profit organisation websites generally provide information, helpful links, contact details and more. When you introduce elements that allow users to interact and engage with your content, you tend to find that the average user spends more time on your website. This is ideal if you are creating a fun, friendly space for people to learn and have fun. We can implement a learning management system (LMS) or investigate other integrations that can transform your not-for-profit web design.

Our web developers provide a premium package. Whether you have a firm idea of what you want to achieve or are looking for guidance, We Are Web is here to help.To learn more about our services, contact us

Responsive Web Design

A mobile-friendly website is essential. It’s fair to say that most tech-savvy users are Googling businesses for contact numbers and other details via their own hand-held devices. To appease the masses, you should provide a website that will adapt when viewed by screen sizes that are much smaller than your desktop setup. If your users are having trouble navigating your site then chances are they will leave for something more functional and appealing.


An important aspect of web design is the user interface and the user experience (UI/UX). Ideally, you want your customers to enjoy their journey as they scroll your home page and click-through to other landing pages. We use content strategies and analytics to refine our approach.

We Develop Non-Profit Organisation Websites and More

For the best not-for-profit web design in Melbourne, call We Are Web today. Our other services include ERP CRM integrations, digital marketing, SEO and more.

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