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How To Do Google Remarketing

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What is it?

Google Remarketing is a smart way to connect visitors and potential customers to your website who might have not have made an immediate purchase or made an online enquiry. It gives you an opportunity to position targeted ads in front of an audience that has previously viewed your website as they surf elsewhere around the internet.

At We Are Web, we can help you to successfully remarket that is both cost effective and great advertising for your business to remind potential customers to buy your products and services and to drive greater brand awareness. If your business has a website and strong online presence we highly recommend advertising through Google Remarketing avenues.

How does it work?

Remarketing is a simple and effective tool that many businesses use. It works by placing cookies on your potential customers computer when they meet certain criteria you have setup regarding your business products and services offering. The customers cookie ID is added to your remarketing list. A prime example is you may want to focus on potential customers that viewed a specific page or section on your site but did not end up buying anything or complete an online enquiry form.

The great thing is, there are a number of controls you can use in relation to advertising options. This includes the time a cookie ID remains on your remarketing lists, impression caps on how many ads per day are shown to a potential customer, and the ability to even block advertising on certain websites.

Important Things to Know About Google Remarketing

It is important to know there is a minimum threshold of 100 cookie ID’s on each list become a campaign is active. To ensure it is most effective your ad needs to be very relevant to what you know any potential customers are looking for, and contains a benefit to encourage them back to your website. We Are Web can assist you to make sure this happens for you to be very successful.

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If you are looking for help with your Google Remarketing to help drive your business sales and revenue, call We Are Web on (03) 86091078.

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