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Generate Quality Leads with Email Marketing

While inbound marketing has proven to be quite effective, direct marketing is a powerful sales tool when implemented properly. One of the most reliable methods of connecting with your customers is to communicate directly via email correspondence. The trick, however, is minimising your chances of ending up in a spam folder. You want your readers to be enticed by the subject line and intrigued by the nature of the content to click-through and ideally follow through with your call-to-action.

At We Are Web, we design and develop email newsletters and other content that is carefully curated to accommodate your project requirements. We plan a detailed EDM campaign that outlines your goals as well as a breakdown of the deliverables including timeframes for sending etc. Whether you are looking for more conversions or are trying to promote better brand exposure, our team will work with you to develop a winning strategy. To learn more about our service offerings, get in touch.

EDM Campaign Analytics and Reporting

We do not just blast content to the internet and forget about it. To measure performance, you need to constantly review the effectiveness of your email marketing by reviewing the data. Have you set KPIs for open rates or click-through? Can you confirm an increase in website traffic based on the number of clicks for a specific landing page that was promoted via an email call-to-action? Our team can manage all your analysis and reporting needs so that you can focus on your core business.

We also rely on statistics to engage in A/B split testing. Experimentation is necessary to confirm what works best with your target audience. As the EDM campaign progresses we learn more about your client segmentation and recommend tests to refine our email marketing.

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