2020 Pricing

Additional Options:

  • Add up to 20 Products for an extra $600 + GST For product specific enquiries
  • ECommerce (Sell online functionality) extra $1000 + GST. Linked to Paypal account
  • Social media posts x 3 on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. $75+GST
  • Social Media posts x 5 on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. $250+GST
  • Social Media posts x10 Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. $450+GST

SEO Packages

As a digital marketing company, we make sure we offer the most satisfying, affordable and competitive search engine optimization services in Melbourne. We have tailored our SEO packages Melbourne to be able to accommodate all kinds of businesses we service. Whether big or small we will custom tailor a perfect google SEO optimization package to cater for your needs.  Google SEO optimization has a lot of things to be considered so that it can be effective and produce the best results for any business in terms of increasing the visibility and consequently increasing the flow of visitors to your website. To get the most out of Google SEO optimization, we usually make sure that we have insight about the industry your business is in and even the kind of audience that you are targeting. We also put into consideration the size of the business and the desired outcome.

Not all SEO Packages are created equal. It is important to define various targeted elements like target demographic, target customers, etc to ensure you are getting the most out of your campaign. At We Are Web we have come up with SEO Packages that are based on around your geographic target. In the initial online analysis we ensure that we will target the right customers within this geographic target. Over 90% of small businesses have over 90% of clients within a 30km radius. In any campaign it is important to establish yourself in your local area before targeting other geographic markets.

Below is a summary of our packages, please click on the ‘Quote Me’ to be taken to the booking form to book a free consultation to find out more.  Alternatively click on heading to be taken to more details on each package.

Local SEO

Local SEO packages focus the target of your lead generation campaign to your immediate area. The more focused we can be with the area you wish to cover, the higher the probability that you can dominate for quality keywords in that region. For example; x2 Machinery repair places in Dandenong Victoria called company A and company B. Company A wishes to cover the whole Melbourne region from Geelong to Frankston and beyond. Company B wishes to focus on a 20 km radius of Dandenong, specifically targeting Dandenong. Providing both companies spending the same on marketing,

Company B will get more targeted results from the Dandenong area. As the focus it to target Dandenong and surrounding suburbs. While company A is targeting a greater geographical area that requires the marketer to target more areas. Spending less time on concentrating on Dandenong surrounds.

It is important to note that each industry and industry niche has totally different competition ratios. In our free digital strategy analysis we will be direct in stating what we can achieve for you in a given industry or niche. Dependent on the competition analysis will be dependent on the amount of marketing spend required to gain results. The marketing companies promoting SEO Packages a set number of keywords are simply quoting on price and do not consider realistic competition levels. Most business owners understand that some keywords are far greater value thus competition than others in their industry.

With local SEO, the main focus is usually on people within the area of your choosing. The affordable search engine optimization services that we offer will give you the best results with Local SEO since the concentration of the lead generation campaign will be in your area. In this package, we will also carry out the analysis of the industry that you are in and of the competition that you are up against to create a strategy. When focusing on a local area, the chances of dominating that area with superior keywords will be higher.



National SEO

National or nationwide SEO Packages target each city and are more substantial in marketing resources time in general. It is important to note that each geographic location is completely different from another. Eg. Company A- Melbourne based firm going national. Company B- Sydney firm going national. Each company is trying to branch out to the other city. Preference on Google is often given to established companies and brands with a presence in that city. There are many ways to increase your brand in each capital city and region.

National SEO will generally aim to make your business known to a greater target audience. Such campaign will usually target the whole nation and not just a small area. The affordable search engine optimisation services that we offer for National SEO will ensure that when you branch out to other cities and regions, your ability to grow is maximised by our Google SEO.



Global SEO

Global SEO Packages include 2 or more Google databases. For example, you have an established presence in Australia (www.google.com.au) and you are wishing to branch out to other google databases. Much like you would establish a virtual or physical office in the country and city you are branching out too. You need to map out a precise online strategy that will get you the best results in the regions you wish to target. More planning and analysis is typically required for global campaigns. Dependent on the competition in your industry and how many Google databases you wish to target. Please inquire for a free thorough online analysis and recommendation.



Online Shopping SEO

Online Shopping SEO Packages are typically targeted to each Google database. For example, to target Australian’s within Australia you would target the www.google.com.au database. You would typical target keywords like ‘Buy XYZ online’. We have developed some exciting strategies for gaining prominence in some online shopping niche markets. We will be realistic and open about the amount of marketing spend that will achieve the growth you are aiming for. We GUARANTEE to get you the results we present after our free online analysis.



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