Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services

Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services provides secure disability services for Indigenous communities in the Townsville area. They help Indigenous members of the local community access and understand the NDIS services available to them. Culturally appropriate services are often not easily accessed due to a lack of education and awareness from providers that results in low participation rates from the Indigenous population. Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services aims to bridge this gap and partner with the NDIS to bring the most vulnerable members of the community the help they need.


Tailored Website Solutions

We Are Web was given the task to build Wulli Wulli a custom desktop and mobile friendly website. With collaboration and communication, we were able to design an online aesthetic that reflected the values of the organisation. An easy to use website, potential clients were now able to easily find and scroll through all of the search engine optimised information about Wulli Wulli.



Presented in a clear and comprehensive way, users could learn about their history, services available and even find information about individual team members. This sort of organisational transparency creates a high level of trust and allows a business to develop a meaningful relationship with their audience. A conveniently located contact page also means any potential clients can quickly access all the contact information they need – including a web form connected to Wulli Wulli’s email.


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