Nannies Australia

Nannies Australia is a premium nanny service that operates across Australia. The organisation aims to match suitable nannies with their families, offering a range of different child minding and homecare services with flexible options for both parties. Functioning as an online match-making platform, it was essential that their website was as user friendly as possible and simple to use for both nannies and parents. Nannies Australia required a site that users could trust and rely on to function correctly.


Custom Web Solutions

We were able to develop a minimalistic and user friendly website for Nannies Australia that met all of their business requirements. Sticking to the design scheme from our client, we developed a site that was inviting and safe for potential nannies and parents to use. All pages were search engine optimised, including geotagged images and optimised URLs.


Social Media Strategy

It’s not just important for your brand to be seen, it has to be seen in the right way. Establishing and maintaining a tone of voice that makes sense for your audience is an essential step in generating a connection with your users, readers or followers. We Are Web provided Nannies Australia with appropriate content for all social media channels that was informative and insightful. Featuring relevant hashtags and clear calls to action, we were able to generate a meaningful connection with potential and current customers and increase audience engagement.


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