HydroKleen Australia

HydroKleen is an international air conditioner cleaning company. Operating as a franchise business model, people all around the world are able to take advantage of the well-known HydroKleen name and become a part of the company. They perform the essential service of cleaning air conditioners and heating pumps all year round. With customers often unaware just how filthy these units can get, HydroKleen uses advanced equipment, cleaning products and techniques to get rid of any mould, bacteria, dirt or grime that’s built up inside of the unit.


World Class Websites

We Are Web worked with HydroKleen Australia to develop a website that was functional, informative and search engine optimised. Including embedded video testimonials from both customers and franchisees allowed for an easy way to advertise the businesses qualities. Potential customers and potential franchisees were able to see real people explaining the benefits of choosing HydroKleen on an authentic video medium.


Social Media Management Services

Staying connected with your audience is important. The creation of social media pages for HydroKleen Australia allowed the brand to build up a following, publishing informative content about topics that are relevant to their business. As HydroKleen aimed to advertise to both potential customers and potential franchisees, a mix of different content was required in order to appeal to their entire market with clear calls to action and appropriate hashtags.


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