Dr John Ferguson

Dr John Ferguson is an oral and maxillofacial dental surgeon in Melbourne with a specialist interest in dental implant treatment. He runs his own private practice in Box Hill and he also consults with patients at a branch practice in Bulleen.


Web Development Challenges

Dr John Ferguson’s immediate challenge with his website was to showcase his core services and specialities without confusing potential patients with excessive use of medical jargon. Also, the site structure needed a revamp to align with current industry preferred practice for search engine optimisation and other development considerations.


Our Solution

To match Dr John Ferguson’s branding and professionalism, we opted for a premium web design that uses a combination of original photography, quality stock imagery as well as a colour palette that emphasise a calm, relaxing motif.

Also, UI/UX incorporates phone number and contact details prominently. We wanted to ensure that there were plenty of calls-to-action to ensure that users browsing the site have ample opportunity to get in touch and arrange a formal consultation.

As part of an ongoing commitment to on-page SEO, we re-developed the site structure, created new pages and added new content for Dr John Ferguson’s specialist services. It was important for us to provide professional copy content while also being mindful of the target audience. There is a good mix of technical explanations and generalised details to ensure a decreased bounce rate.

Another clever design element on the home page is the historical timeline as well as the detailed awards list. To ensure an enduring legacy you need to celebrate past achievements. We have structured the Glenvill Group so that it is easy to navigate while also presenting a premium aesthetic.

The top navigation includes social media buttons to ensure that there is plenty of space on the page to flaunt the gorgeous design shots


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