Apsley and Company

Apsley and Company is a luxury candle and home fragrance brand, providing artisan fragrances to the Australian public. Their fragrances are designed and created in Europe, then provided to Australians through their online store.

Our team worked to develop an easy-to-use online store and digital marketing campaign that aligned with their brand image and aesthetics.


Digital Marketing

To increase sales, we launched a premium web solution strategy focusing on sales and online store optimisation.  We use various analytical tools to monitor the effectiveness of landing page calls-to-action, SEO keyword optimisation and our other marketing efforts to ensure success in all of our strategies.

Our social media strategy increased Apsley and Company’s engagement across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Our social media and video marketing efforts helped Apsley and Company build a strong brand image.


Effective Web-Development

Our web development team used market research and the desires of Apsley and Company to develop a webpage that is easy to use, modern and represents the brand’s luxurious image. We created a sleek website that promoted their products and increased customer purchases.

Our team developed an e-commerce store for the fragrances and candles of Apsley and Company. The online store used modern coding techniques for easy check-out and payment across all user devices. Working together with our digital marketing, the We Are Web team to strategically present Aspley and Company’s branding to potential customers.


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